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New Development Pipeline Sample

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New Development Pipeline Sample


TRData has a new development pipeline containing 12,499 NYC projects and offers a subscription service that delivers detailed property information on every new project to your mailbox every week. In addition to new projects filed with the Department of Buildings, subscribers will receive every update to existing pipeline properties, such as an issued certificate of occupancy or a revised proposed unit count. Subscribe to updates to the entire pipeline or choose to be alerted when a new project of a specific size or in a specific neighborhood is filed.

Our pipeline contains over 6,000 projects that we consider "Active" (development fits typical schedule) or "Delayed" (unusual amount of time between filings or permits issued). Over 5,000 of these projects are considered "Abandoned" (no longer in development) or "Inactive" (complete or no development progress in 5 years). The remaining projects are historical, our first steps towards the goal of assembling every existing NYC property and their development process.

This is a sample of 15 properties from our pipeline. 

File Size: 85.5 KB

Columns: Building name, address, zip code, borough, neighborhood, BIN, BBL, proposed occupancy classification, plan ID, AG occupancy classification, AG plan type, AG construction type, TCO filed date, TCO issued date, DOB status, DOB activity, AG status, AG activity, developer, developer LLC, developer address, developer phone number, developer email, architect firm, architect filing representative, DOB link, DOB notes, proposed floors, proposed building height, proposed AG total units, proposed AG hotel units, proposed AG commercial units, proposed AG residential units, proposed DOB residential units, total construction floor area, proposed square feet, existing square feet, residential square feet, commercial square feet, pre-filing date, job approved date, DOB latest action, DOB latest action date, permit issued date, latest permit action date, latest permit action, permit expiration date, AG submitted date, AG accepted date, AG effective date, AG withdrawn date, AG abandoned date, AG initial price, AG current price, AG deposit amount, AG deposit received date, marketing firm, ACRIS condo declaration date, total condo units, total condo units sold, condo percent sold out, total condo units remaining, total residential condo units, total residential condo units sold, residential condo units sold out, total residential condo units remaining, total commercial units, total commercial units sold, commercial condo sold out, total commercial units remaining

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