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Commercial Projects Without TCOs Sample

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Commercial Projects Without TCOs Sample


TRData has used its pipeline of over 12,000 projects and completed properties to determine the average number of days it takes a commercial project to reach each step in the development process. Among the 1,359 commercial projects in our pipeline, the average amount of time it took a project to receive a temporary certificate of occupancy, the permit that allows the space to be sold or rented, was 1,009 days from the time the project was first filed with the Department of Buildings. The median number of days between when the commercial project was filed and when it received its TCO is 1,047 days. 

Using this information, we can supply commercial brokers, investors, lenders or developers a reliable list of commercial projects that are presumably close to receiving their TCO based on the amount of time it's been since they filed with the Department of Buildings. There are 69 commercial projects in our pipeline that are within a year of the average amount of time it takes a commercial project to receive its TCO and another 56 projects that have surpassed the average number of days by a year or less and have not received their TCO. These projects are prime candidates to approach with your business. 

This is a free sample of 5 projects that are near the average number of days it takes a commercial project to receive it's temporary certificate of occupancy.

Contact Derek Smith at or (646) 503-3561 with any questions. 

Number of Projects: 5

File Size: 49KB

Columns: project name, address, state, zip code, borough, neighborhood, BBL, BIN, job number, job type, proposed occupancy classification, plan ID, AG occupancy, AG plan type, AG construction type, developer LLC, actual developer, developer address, developer phone number, developer email address, architect firm, architect filing representative, DOB link, notes, proposed floors, proposed building height, proposed AG total units, proposed AG hotel units, proposed AG commercial units, proposed AG residential units, proposed DOB residential units, total construction floor area, proposed square feet, existing square feet, residential square feet, commercial square feet, pre-filing date, job approved date, DOB latest action, DOB latest action date, permit issued date, latest permit action date, latest permit action, TCO filed, TCO issued, AG submitted date, AG accepted date, AG effective date, AG withdrawn date, AG abandoned date, DOB - pre-file to permit, DOB pre-file to TCO issued, DOB - permit issued to latest permit action date, DOB - permit issued to TCO issued, DOB - pre-file to now, DOB - permit issued to now, AG - submitted to effective, AG - submitted to now, AG - accepted to now, AG - submitted to accepted, AG - accepted to effective, AG initial price, AG current price, AG deposit amount, AG deposit received date, marketing firm, ACRIS condo declaration date, total condo units, total condo units sold, condo percent sold out, total condo units remaining, total residential condo units, total residential condo units sold, residential condo sold out, total residential condo units remaining, total commercial condo units sold, commercial condo sold out, total commercial condo units remaining

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