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Abandoned Projects Sample

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Abandoned Projects Sample


Identify abandoned projects with our new development pipeline. 

Since 2009, we've tracked every project filed with the Department of Buildings that has at least 5,000 square feet or 5 residential units. Our pipeline now contains over 12,000 projects and completed properties and allows us to single out projects that have made no permit progress in a significant amount of time. 

We've assembled a list of over 300 projects throughout the five boroughs that we consider abandoned due to a long period of inactivity in their new building job filings. These projects represent a variety of locations, sizes and proposed building classes. Each project contains valuable property information, such as the size and permit progress, and also includes the developer for each project and the contact information filed with the Department of Buildings. 

This is a free sample of 5 projects. Contact Derek Smith at or (646) 503-3561 to receive a custom sample and discuss pricing. 


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Columns: Project name, address, zip code, borough, neighborhood, state, BBL, BIN, job number, job type, proposed occupancy classification, TCO filed date, TCO issued date, DOB status, DOB activity, developer name, developer LLC, developer address, developer phone number, architect firm, architect filing representative, DOB link, DOB job notes, proposed floors, proposed building height, proposed residential units, proposed hotel units, total construction floor area, proposed square feet, existing square feet, residential square feet, commercial square feet, pre-filing date, job approved date, DOB latest action, DOB latest action date, permit issued date, latest permit action date, latest permit action, permit expiration date, days between pre-file and permit, days between pre-file and TCO issued, days between permit issued and TCO issued, days between pre-file and now, days between permit issued to now

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